Are You Wondering How Others Can Sell Faster or Sometimes Higher Price?

Many HDB Owners have a lot of worries when planning to sell their HDB Flats.  

Before we go into details, Are you considering any one of these?

1. HDB Flat is going to MOP Soon or Already MOP and you're planning to Cash Out.

2. Sell HDB and Upgrade to a Bigger HDB Flat. 

3. Sell HDB and Rightsizing to a Smaller HDB Flat.

4. Sell HDB and Upgrade to EC. Possible?

5. Sell HDB and Upgrade to Private Property. Possible?

6. Already bought another BTO or another property, and need to sell existing HDB Flat?

Should You Buy or Sell First? How To Arrange The Finance and The Timeline? 

Let's not make a guess. 

A Detail Financial Calculation and Detail Planning is a MUST. 

During my FREE Consultation, I'll explain All Details for you to consider your options CAREFULLY, before you make the BIG Decision.

It's totally FREE and NO OBLIGATION. 

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Already Marketing the Flat, but No Response? Not Many Viewing? No Offer?

Dear HDB Owners, are you facing any of these issues with your current flat sale:

1. Not many viewing or no viewing at all after weeks/months.

2. No Offer after marketing for so long.

3. They told you that the unit is very hard to sell, because it's not near MRT, not near amenities, not renovated, low floor, west sun, old block, old estate, etc.

4. Not sure how else to market the unit.

5. No Progress.

These are very common problems that I heard from many of my clients. 

In my 7 years of experience in Real Estate, I have seen and solved many different HDB cases.


Client already bought another BTO Unit and they were about to collect the new BTO Keys. So they decided to sell the existing HDB Flat.

However, after marketing for many months, they could not sell the flat.

The main reason is because the unit is on low floor and not near MRT. They were very worried as not many people come for viewing.

I took over the marketing and managed to sell the unit in 2 months.

They're very happy to move to their new BTO Flat.


These are some of my clients whom I served to sell their existing HDB Flats and also upgraded to a Brand New EC/Condo.

I sold the HDB Flats in 1-2 months.

They're very happy to move to their Brand New EC/Condo.

These Condo Value is now much HIGHER than the price they bought it previously, which means that they will enjoy Cash Profit when they sell it in the future.

I can help you as well if you're wondering whether you can consider that New EC/Condo.

Consultation is FREE and No Obligation.

I have SOLD More Than 100 Units.  

These are some of the units.

Every case is different and has their own challenges.

Some of these Unit Owners told me that they have been marketing the flat for many months and still cannot sell the unit.

With my aggressive marketing, most of these units are sold by me in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS.

How long your flat has been in the market?

Let's meet and discuss your case. I can help.


How To Sell The Flat Faster or Probably Higher Price? 

Dear HDB Owners, 

I totally understand your worries and concerns.

After Personally Sold More Than 100 Units, I understand that every HDB Owners are wondering on How To Sell the Flat at Good Price and How To Sell It Faster.

During my FREE Consultation, I will share more details with you.

My name is Mariah Elizabeth Hu.  

I have been in PropNex for 7 years

PropNex is the #1 Largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore.  

During my 7 years experience, I have win Many Awards Consistently, including TOP HDB TRANSACTOR from more than 7,000 Agents.

Here are some of my other Awards.

I was awarded 5 Years Ambassador in PropNex.

This Award is not easy to get. 

There are many strict criterias to fulfill in order to qualify.

Some of them is, the person must be able to hit Certain Targets CONSISTENTLY

Meaning that the person must be able to do the work with EXCELLENCE and CONSISTENCY.

I have been awarded Many Top Producer Awards.

Here are some of them:

- Top Producer 2019

- Top Producer 2018

- Top Producer 2017

- Top Producer 2016

- 5 Years Ambassador Award

- Top HDB TRANSACTOR in PropNex from more than 7,000 Agents

Below are some Testimonials from some of my Clients :)

I have SOLD More Than 100 Units.

These are some of my Clients. 

We happily took the photos at HDB Hub after we successfully completed the HDB Transactions.

If you've been trying to sell your flat for months and it's still not sold yet, there might be some other reasons why.  

With more than 100 Units SOLD BY ME and with my 7 years of experience, I'm confident that I can help you as well.  

I'm also very hardworking. I will go the Extra Miles to give you the best possible results. 


If I failed to secure a Buyer for you, it's all TOTALLY FREE.

After our discussion, you may even learn some new knowledge :)

Let Me Help. Let's Take the FIRST STEP.  

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